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During “Born on the Bayou,” I got religion. Ten years ago, I had gone with friends to see a John Mellencamp show. The opening act was John Fogerty, who, ages earlier, was the soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival, but legends fade.  I wasn’t expecting much.

Taking the stage, Fogerty, fronting a thoroughbred band, stampeded through the Creedence catalogue. Recall your favorite CCR songs, add a bunch you forgot, and imagine them performed better than ever. My friends and I, awed, spent Mellencamp’s set marveling at the power of the Creedence canon.

The other day, I went to see Fogerty headline. The man is 70. At 52, I was younger than most present (a few Millenials were brought by their parents). This time, Fogerty played some new songs, told stories, and jammed with his guitarist son Shane—all very cool. But mainly, he and his killer band CRUSHED a dozen Creedence classics. Talk about Revival, your fellow American was better than he was at 60!

In this spirit, your favorite Realtor urges you to rock on.  Happy Independence Day.

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